Blueprint Medea in Pre-Production!

Add2 Productions are very proud to be once again working with Pascal Theatre Company and ManyTracks Inc. to bring another spectacular offering from Julia Pascal to the UK in 2018.

BLUEPRINT MEDEA By Julia Pascal. Directed by Katrin Hilbe. Designed by Kati Hind.

Blueprint Medea is rooted in the Greek myth and Euripides’ tragedy. Julia Pascal has translated into our world as a political and personal drama that makes it accessible to all audiences.

It is a poignant vision of Medea, a Kurdish refugee and has been sourced by interviews with Kurds fleeing the war in Turkey. The drama puts a female soldier from Turkey on the British stage for the first time and brings our headlines on to our stages.

As British people, we know that the politics of the Middle East and the huge international struggles raised by this conflict, are being lived out on British streets and in British families. The play makes a strong contribution to this debate by showing the complexities inherent in personal choices of love and family. It also shows women in a new light onstage by reinterpreting the mythical character of Medea as a modern fighter against Daesh.

Even though the play is centred on a Kurdish Turkish experience it speaks to many communities in Britain where family values are strong and where the pull of the Old Country still has power in the home.

Check back for more news of our progress!

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