Add2 Productions work with Wierd Sisters

Wierd Sisters presents Paper Doll, a cautionary tale of married bliss that becomes unglued. On a dark night, in a remote location not so far in the future, Jen and Rog celebrate their tenth anniversary. But the champagne toasts take a deadly turn when Jen and Rog play dangerous games. As they dance around their past wounds and deadly present, they tempt you to experience all the horrors that proximity to another human can produce. In a desperate attempt to keep them together, Rog surprises Jen with a gift beyond her wildest dreams…

Susan Eve Haar’s viscerally witty piece of new writing presents a beautifully cynical view on the world of relationships and scientific progress. It questions how far one person’s perception of another can get distorted. Rog believes that he can secure their barren future with a child, but at what cost?

Be careful what you wish for. 
Greenside@Infirmary Street, 21:00.
4th – 6th, 8th – 12th, 15th – 19th, 22nd - 26th August 2017.
Tickets £8.00/£6.00

Weird Sisters are a New York based company presenting their work at the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time. They specialise in developing and producing theatrical and feature film projects that promote Women’s voices.

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